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  • 1984-1994
  • 1995-2006
  • 2007-2010
  • 2011-2014
  • 2015-2017
  • In 1984, guangdong zhaoqing elegance electronics factory was established.

  • In 1985, in the domestic takes the lead in the introduction of international advanced level of the monolithic capacitor production line and technology.

  • In 1991, by the national science and technology commission as top 1990 electronic components company.

  • In 1994, implementing stock reorganization, elegance electronics factory in guangdong zhaoqing guangdong elegance and high and new science and technology co., LTD was founded as the main body.
  • In 1996,
    In September, recognized national high-tech electronics engineering technology development center. In November the same year, 13.5 million a-share successfully listed on the shenzhen exchange.
  • In 1997,
    In July, was identified & other; Countries throughout new electronic components & engineering technology research center; , & other Enterprise technology centers recognized by the national & throughout;
  • In 1998,
    In September, become one of the 36 expand postdoctoral pilot enterprises, establish a national first postdoctoral flow station.
  • In 2000,
    In January, was identified as one of the 19 technology innovation pilot unit, is listed as national & other; Throughout 863 &; Plan new components and material achievements transformation and industrialization base state. In may the same year, managed to raise 40 million a-shares, raised 1.1 billion yuan to build the new electronic components base.
  • In 2001,
    In the national & other; Throughout 863 &; Plan was rated as advanced collectives, the 15th anniversary of the to & other; The ninth & throughout; & other; Throughout 863 &; Plan seven topics in all major projects through the acceptance and realize industrialization, as countries & other; Throughout 863 &; Plan the successful model of the development and achievements. The same year in February, institutes of elegance.
  • In 2004,
    In November, the five through scientific and technological achievements appraisal, including chip electronic components electroplating materials development and industrialization projects for domestic initiative, nickel electrode MLCC electrode copper end cannot be welding technology at home and abroad to fill gaps in electroplating, the world's advanced level.
  • In 2005,
    In October, won & other; The national outstanding postdoctoral research station & throughout; The title.
  • In 2006,
    March, equity division reform passed, realized in the true sense with with the same price.
  • In 2007,
    In September, elegance and magnetic materials won the title of China famous brand product.
  • In 2008,
    In April, elegance group 100% stake in the transfer to the guangdong sheng assets management co., LTD. In the same year on July 28, elegance among the country's first & other; Innovative companies & throughout; .
  • In 2009,
    In February, FH trademark for China well-known trademark.
  • In 2010,
    In January, elegance and taking a stake in the company of changchun at the photoelectric technology co., LTD., small and medium-sized board listed on the shenzhen stock exchange trading. In the same year in November, an independent research and development projects won the state science and technology progress second prize. In December, elected the guangdong top ten innovative enterprises.
  • In 2011,
    In January, the Chinese academy of engineering retained long-tu li and the team in the company set up in guangdong elegance academician workstation high-tech electronic components and new materials. In August the same year, testing center by testing lab official national recognition and acceptance certificate. In September, was awarded as national quality work advanced unit, in the industry to become the only award winners.
  • In 2012,
    In August, a wholly owned company by elegance mining investment holdings (Hong Kong) co., LTD., and Australia listed company hawthorne resources co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as HAW) signed the share subscription agreement. After the completion of the subscription, become HAW, actual control.
  • In 2013,
    In August, elegance and subsidiary detection technology development co., LTD., guangdong million China conformity assessment in China national approval committee approved third party testing institutions.
  • In 2014,
    In July, by the merger of two yingda, guangdong China branch established elegance inductance branch.
    In October, elegance and plans through non-public stock raising money 1.2 billion yuan for the China securities regulatory commission approved issuance examination committee.
  • In 2015,
    Strategic planning

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